Welcome to our Annual Access subscription for former trainees of CLP Mastery online or as a live training course.

CLP Mastery 2023 starts with the 3 month training phase.  This begins with our first meeting on Wednesday 6th September 2023, and runs until 29th November 2023, with weekly Teams meetings every Wednesday at 2pm UK time. These are recorded and put on the website so anyone who can’t attend can catch up, and people who were in the meeting can view the video again.

The support phase runs from Thursday 30th November until Tuesday 3rd September 2024.

You’ll be joining our current trainees, and other former trainees who like to keep up to date on an Annual Access subscription. We have 27 people already in the course, which makes for lively and interesting meetings.

Enrolment for CLP Mastery 2023 ends 6th September 2023, 12 noon UK time

What you get with CLP Mastery Annual Access – everything!

A 13-module intensive training course over 3 months/ 13 weeks, with 9 months of ongoing support.

Lots of contact with trainers

Online meetings every week in the training phase

A further 9 months implementation phase, with monthly online meetings, totalling 22 meetings where you can meet your fellow trainees, ask questions, take “priming” exercises, feed back any problems to us so we can update the course and everyone learns.

Access to our unique training materials

  • infographics and sketchnotes to help with summarising and understanding key concepts
  • screencast demos showing you how to search for information quickly
  • flowcharts, look-up tables and comparison documents to help you classify quickly and accurately
  • our famous “cheat sheets” to help you convert GHS classifications into label information
  • other tools for classification, labelling and producing SDSs, or checking what your software is producing

The practice areas

Each module has a dedicated practice area where you can test and improve your skills.  These will help you practice parts of the module, or all of it, and usually work from easy questions to more difficult ones, so you can see how you’re making progress.

There’s immediate feedback, and nobody except you knows what you’ve done – no need to feel embarrassed.  In fact, making mistakes can help you learn more than getting everything right!


Some of the modules include assignments where you have to produce labels or a Safety Data Sheet.  These are marked by hand and you get personalised individual feedback by email.

The quizzes

Every module also has a quiz, with immediate feedback, and sometimes personalised feedback by email if we think it will help you understand a concept better.  We reserve the right to give you extra questions to check you’ve really grasped a concept or skill!

The Implementation Knowledgebase

This sits outside the training course itself, and includes a jargon buster for all those pesky acronyms, everything we know at the moment about certain product types, FAQs, the occasional worked example etc. 

As one of our lovely “live” trainees said “it’s like looking into your brain!” except now it’s got even more data from even more brains included!

Chemicals Coffee Time Weekly Email Newsletter

Our trainees also receive free access forever to our weekly email newsletter, which is a great way to keep up to date with the changes in regulations and classification which come out of GHS itself, and also out of the EU (ECHA) and GB (the HSE).  And don’t forget the Weekend Read, the Recipe, and the Reasons to be Cheerful funny video.

Reminder: CLP Mastery 2023 enrolment closes on 6th September 2023, and will not reopen until August 2024. Sign up now!